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Schneider Electric

Modular Case Circuit Breaker

EasyPact CVS

MCCB with adjustable settings

The EasyPact CVS range is the Designed to meet the requirements of the majority of the applications

Easy Pact

Moulded case circuit-breakers

Moulded case circuit-breakers from
15 to 400 A

Compact NS

Molded case circuit breakers

Molded case circuit breakers from
100 to 630 A


Control units for Compact

Control units for Compact NS 630b to 3200 and Masterpact NT - NW

Compact NS > 630A

630 A to 3200 A moulded

630 A to 3200 A moulded case circuit-breakers

Compact NSX < 630A


100A to 630A circuit-breakers New generation

Simpact NKS/NKF


100 to 800 A moulded case

Enerpact NH


800 to 3200 A hight current air circuit-breakers

Compact CVS

Circuit Breakers

100 to 800A LV Moulded Case Circuit Breakers