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Ratna Com

Telephone & Switchboard Cables

- Low Attenuation
- Minimized Cross Talk
- Flame Retardant Jacket

Applications : Recommended for switchboard and internal telephone wiring in high rise buildings, offices, factories, hotels, residential complexes, transmission of analog and digital signals, internal wiring in faxes, modems, alarm enunciators, data recording / acquisition systems and various communication devices.

Conductor : The central conductor is made solid electrolytic grade of copper.

Insulation : Premium quality grade polyethylene used on a special extruder, with several online testing equipments.

Twisted Pairs : The cores are carefully twisted with suitable lays and bunched together.

Ripcord : A nylon rip cord is provided in order to safely peel off the jacket.

Sheath : The laid up pairs are jacketed with special Flame Retardant (FR) compound to resist flame.

Marking : The cables are marked ”RATNA COM FR".

Packing : Normally available in 100m coils shrink-wrapped. Higher lengths available on special order.

Specifications : ITD-S/WS 113C & 114C

Construction Parameters :

Conductor Area (sq. mm)


2 Pair

3 Pair

4 Pair

5 Pair

10 Pair

20 Pair

Approx. Overall Diameter

3.50 mm

4.20 mm

5.30 mm

6.00 mm

8.50 mm

10.2 mm

Conductor Diameter

Solid Annealed Bare Copper, 0.5 mm

Insulation Material

High Density Polyethylene

Insulation Thickness

Avg. 0.2 mm

Rip cord



Flame Retardant PVC

Electrical Parameters

Conductor Resistance

92.20 Ω/Km max.

Mutual Capacitance

50 nF/Km max.

Insulation Resistance in Air

10000 M-Ω/Km

Capacitance Unbalance - pair to pair

250 pF/100m max.

Capacitance Unbalance - pair to ground

330 pF/100m max.

Resistance Unbalance

5% max.