Simplify your electrical distribution network with world leader in the field of circuit breakers. Simpact MCCBs stands for simplicity, reliability, safety and economy of operations. Simpact Time tested performance makes it first choice of users.


  • Wide range from 10 – 800 A ,1P/2P/3P/4P.
  • Ics=100% Icu.
  • Maximum populated MCCB in India.
  • Available in Fix and Variable over current setting versions.
  • Four breaking performance 10 ,25 ,35 ,50 KA at 415 V A.C
  • Three breaking performance 5 , 10 , 40 KA at 220 V D.C
  • Earth fault protection with associated EFR versions.
  • Line load reversibility throughout the range as a standard feature.
  • Communication and control of an electrical distribution network.
  • Site fixable modular accessories (Shunt, UV, Alarm, On/Off status).
  • Simpact MCCBs compliance to tropicatisation test (dry/cold, dry heat, damp heat).
  • Compliance to International IEC 60947-1&2 and Indian Standards IS 13947 -1&2.


  • Buildings and Malls.
  • Industrial sites.
  • Electrical Utilities and distribution.
  • AC/DC applications.
  • DG Applications