Quite Simply, the Best Fan in the World.

Using Lumen's 24W smart, dimmable, and tunable LED underlight, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as it combines the convenience of fans with the convenience of smart lighting, perfect for matching the ambiance of your home with your mood!

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Safe Wave Technology against Pesky pests.

The Shield range of remote-operated fans is designed to protect your loved ones from mosquitos, without exposing your lungs to harmful, chemical-based fumes. Its SMART BLDC design and certified* Safe-Wave Technology makes Shield the perfect fan for your family.

Why just BLDC, Buy SMART BLDC!

There's more to the Connect range than your standard BLDC fans. These fans feature an energy-efficient BLDC motor along with six unique Smart Modes, making them an appealing choice for the modern homemaker. Its unique Flip Mode runs the fan in the reverse direction to push the warm air down to make your room cozy during the winters.

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Experience Silence like Never before.

The Prime range uses the technological advantage of glass-filled ABS blades to dramatically reduce the flapping sound emitted from regular aluminum blades. With a sound output of only 28 decibels, the Prime range offers you the joy of silence along with a super-strong airflow.

SENSE The Innovation of Changeable Blades.

A sensational range of fans with changeable blades. Match your fan's look and feel with your changing decor, without having to pinch your pocket much. With its elegant premium design, strong air flow, dust-resistant coating & an ever-increasing range of colours, the Sense series is ready for the modern and smarter you.

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